Bentley Limo

Bentley, a British automaker now owned by the Volkswagen Group, makes some of the most luxurious cars on the road today. They have seen a resurgence in the popularity of their automobiles in recent years. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Nicole Ritchie, and Kim Kardasian have all owned or have owned Bentleys.

Classic Bentleys are a popular choice for limousine rental. Bentleys are a symbol of luxury and refinement. Queen Elizabeth II of England, used a Bentley limousine and you can rent one too. Bentley limousines have a distinctive, classic look. Some limousines services offer rental of classic 1960s Bentley limos. These limos, with their antique chrome grills, sumptuous leather and real wood accent panel interiors, and are sure to attract attention. If you have ever seen the commercial where the man says "Pardon me, do you happen to have any Gray Poupon?", that is a Bentley.

Modern Bentleys, based on the Arnage model are also available for limousine rental. These limos are majestic and stylish with world class engineering and luxury. They are typically powered by Bentley's legendary 6.75–liter turbocharged V–8 engine, which produces 400 horsepower.

Bentley limos afford a great degree of security and privacy and offer a beautiful environment. Classic Bentleys typically these limos offer seating for three making them perfect for a wedding, sweet sixteen, quincinera, or any celebration. They will help make your wedding or special event extra memorable and provide excellent photo opportunities.

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