Lincoln Navigator Limo

The Lincoln Navigator Limo is the ultimate in American luxury. Lincolns have been sold for more than ninety years and have been used as presidential limousines for more than seventy years. Nine presidents have used Lincoln limousines including Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. What better way to arrive to your big event than in 6,000 pounds of respect. A Lincoln Navigator limo is a big and bold sport–utility vehicle styled limo that is a great way to arrive and depart your big event.

Lincoln Navigator limousines are powered by a 5.4–liter, 300 horsepower V–8 engine with room for up 18 passengers, depending on the configuration. They have large chrome grills and chrome rims. Navigator limousines has the power and style to make a statement as you arrive to your event.

The interiors of Navigator limousines are state of the art. These limos may come with fiber optic ceiling and floor lighting, a stainless steel ice chest, crystal champagne flutes and glassware, a state of the art bar with mood lighting and sound system. The entertainment system includes an Ipod connector, multiple flat panel televisions, and a CD/DVD player. A Lincoln Navigator limo interior must be seen to be believed. They offer all the amenities of a VIP lounge.

Lincoln Navigator limousines are a great choice for a wedding, prom night, a bachelorette party, a bachelor party, a birthday party, a sporting event, a casino trip, a concert, an anniversary, or simply just a night on the town with friends. Whatever the occasion, Navigator limousines can make it extra special.

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