Mercedes Limo

Mercedes–Benz is the ultimate in German luxury and quality. They have been built for over one hundred years. Founded in 1881, they are the world standard for a luxurious and refined automotive experience. Mercedes–Benz has introduced many new safety and technological innovations into their vehicles that have become commonplace in the automotive industry. You can experience one first hand by renting a Mercedes limo.

Mercedes limos can be rented based on the S–Class and E–Class models. The S600 is gorgeous in limousine form, typically sporting Mercedes' 5.5–liter V–8 engine that produces nearly 400 horsepower. Mercedes S–Class Limos are typically near twelve feet long and can hold up to 10 passengers. These vehicles cost over one hundred thousand dollars when purchased news.

A Mercedes limo has exterior features such as metallic paint, chrome rims, and Mercedes–Benz badge. These limos really turn heads. On the inside, Mercedes limos interiors need to be experienced. They may offer such features as plush leather, strobe lighting, flat panel television, a bar, and a CD/DVD player with a state of the art sound system. Their interiors offer all the amenities of the hottest nightspots.

A Mercedes limo is perfect for any occasion whether it is a wedding, prom, funeral, business meeting, movie and art premieres, or any celebration. Click on the links from our advertisers above to reserve your Mercedes limo today!